Exclusive benefits when you join as a member of Katy Area EDC!

9 Mar 2023


When you become a member of Katy Area EDC you shall have access to a unique network of the Katy Area marketplace. This exclusive connectivity gives companies significant advantages, and your membership further works to support the region’s current and future economy.

Membership with Katy Area EDC can propel your business forward!

Katy Area EDC has plenty of benefits to offer members at all levels! There are 4 main levels - when you become a Strategy Partner, for instance, you can serve on select Katy Area EDC Committees and Task Forces, and receive networking opportunities and economic development information at General Assembly meetings and other scheduled meetings. You can also participate in members-only events, and receive updates on prospective development activities. Katy Area EDC wants to thank all of its partners and members for helping us help the local economy and businesses. Click here to learn more about all of the benefits of becoming a member of the Katy Area EDC!