Strategic Plan: Katy Area 2022


Lead the economic development efforts of the Katy area to recruit, retain and expand new high quality, high impact companies, jobs and talent to improve the quality of life and place of Katy area residents.


The purpose of the Katy Area 2022 Strategic plan is to lay out a game plan for prioritized areas of work that the Katy Area EDC will implement through 2022. The EDC is making progress in critical areas of work initiated over the last few years. As a result, this plan is not a huge departure from the Katy Area 2015 plan. Instead, it is more of a refinement and opportunity to focus on what makes the greatest impact while also investing time to secure resources that will support the EDC’s efforts to maintain a level of world-class service and quality results.

The Katy Area 2022 plan maps out four areas of critical work for the Katy Area EDC: Marketing and Business Development, Competitiveness, Leadership and Effective Organization. 

Marketing and Business Development

Efforts to support the growth of the Katy area economy is the fundamental work of the Katy Area EDC. Economic growth will be realized through high quality jobs. A robust economy will flourish with focus on diversification to flatten the cyclical nature of the oil industry.


  • Identify and target industries that will succeed in the Katy area
  • Communicate why Katy is the location of choice for business success
  • Connect with viable companies to locate in the Katy area
  • Build relationships with influencers and advisors to business location decisions
  • Prosperous local employers that seek out the EDC for assistance


There are many factors that impact business growth and success in a community. Local businesses often look to EDCs to advocate on their behalf for enhancements to the business climate and these factors. Effective EDCs also work to address weaknesses as a means to improve competitiveness for business recruitment. With the fast growth experienced in the Katy area, it is especially important to stay on top of infrastructure and mobility issues.


  • Talent and training resources suitable for Katy area employers to compete globally
  •  A comprehensive real estate portfolio to competitively meet the needs of expanding businesses and prospects
  • System capacity to accommodate growth and sites with ready-to-go infrastructure
  • Workers access employment areas safely with reduced commute times
  • Competitive portfolio of incentives to entice business investment and job growth

Effective Organization

Only an effective organization can take on all the prioritized strategic initiatives for the Katy Area 2022 Plan. This section of the plan addresses working smarter with better organization, leadership and efforts to increase resources.


  • Structure and Officers organized for highest impact to achieve goals
  • Funding and staff in place to implement Plan
  • An organized and first-class office with regular oversight of plan implementation
  • Increased understanding of the Katy Area EDC and accomplishments
  • More informed elected officials who are proponents of economic development for the Katy area