Porter Road finished, Gaston Road work continues: 4 Katy-area transportation updates to know September 2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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By: Jen Para - Community Impact

Completed Projects

Porter Road reconstruction

Porter Road between Franz Road to Morton Ranch Road is now open to traffic in both directions on new concrete. Crews finished the project at the end of August, Harris County engineer Jennifer Almonte said. The 20-foot-wide, asphalt Porter was reconstructed into a 28-foot-wide, concrete roadway with an underground storm sewer system. The project was divided into two segments that crews worked on simultaneously.

Timeline: September 2018-August 2019
Cost: $4.6 million
Funding source: Harris County

Ongoing projects

Gaston Road widening

Gaston Road is being widened from a two-lane asphalt road to a four-lane divided concrete road with underground storm water drainage between Greenbusch Road and Katy Flewellen Road, said Ike Akinwande, Fort Bend County assistant engineer. Crews recently completed the southbound lanes from Greenbusch to Willow Lane, and are working on paving intersections.

Timeline: July 2018-October 2019
Cost: $6.8 million
Funding source: Fort Bend County

Peek Road widening

Peek Road is being widened into a four-lane concrete boulevard, Almonte said. Between 600 feet north of Clay Road and 300 feet north of Grand Ventana Drive, crews have completed a detention pond, and are nearly finished with installing underground storm drainage. Next, crews will work to stabilize the site for new concrete. Construction has not started on the second segment, between 300 feet north of Grand Ventana and north of Stockdick School Road. Harris County will start right-of-way clearing in the next few months.

Timeline: Phase 1: April 2019-fourth quarter 2019; Phase 2: 2020-TBD
Cost: $5.5 million-$6.5 million
Funding source: Harris County

Future projects

Katy Flewellen Road expansion

Preparation work began earlier this year to expand Katy Flewellen Road between Spring Green Boulevard and Gaston Road. Construction to convert the two-lane asphalt roadway into a four-lane cement boulevard with underground drainage should begin in December, Akinwande said.

Timeline: December 2019-third quarter 2020
Cost: $3.4 million
Funding source: Fort Bend County


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