Greenbusch Road improvements, Porter Road reconstruction: 4 Katy-area transportation updates to know this October

Thursday, October 18, 2018

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By: R. Hans Miller - Community Impact

Greenbusch Road improvements

Greenbusch Road from Gaston Road to Westheimer Parkway will be converted from a two-lane asphalt road with ditches into a two-lane concrete road with an underground storm sewer, said Stacy Slawinski, Fort Bend County assistant engineer. The project will begin in fall 2019 and last about a year. The road will still be widened and made safer with the deep ditches currently in place replaced with underground drainage.

Timeline: Fall 2019-fall 2020
Cost: $7.4 million
Funding sources: Fort Bend County

Katy Flewellen expansion

Katy Flewellen Road will be expanded from Spring Green Boulevard to Gaston Road. The two-lane asphalt roadway with an open ditch will be converted into a four-lane cement boulevard with underground drainage, Slawinski said.

Timeline: Mid-2019-first quarter 2020
Cost: $7.5 million
Funding sources: Fort Bend County

Grand Parkway access road

Plans are in development to build two sections of frontage road for the Grand Parkway, Slawinski said. The first section will begin at Cinco Ranch and run south to Westheimer Parkway on the southbound side of the road. The second access road will be on the southbound side from South Fry Road to FM 1093 with the goal of alleviating the backup of traffic in that area. The Texas Department of Transportation will be involved in the two projects because of the proximity and interaction with the Grand Parkway, Slawinski said. The first portion will cost $4.9 million, and the second portion will cost $12.6 million.

Timeline: Construction to begin mid-2020
Cost: $17.5 million
Funding sources: Fort Bend County

Porter Road reconstruction

Porter Road is being rebuilt from Franz Road to Morton Ranch Road in two half-mile segments. The construction is being managed as two separate projects with the portion from Franz Road to half a mile north of Franz costing about $2.6 million and the portion from that point to Morton Ranch Road costing about $2 million, said Randy Schilhab, manager of engineering for Harris County Precinct 3. The 20-foot-wide asphalt roadway with roadside ditches will be replaced with a 28-foot-wide concrete roadway with curbs and an underground storm sewer system, Schilhab said. The road will flare out at each intersection to include turn lanes.

Timeline: Sept. 2018-Jan. 2019
Cost: $4.6 million
Funding sources: Harris County

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