Grow Your Professional Network with Help from the Katy Area EDC!

9 Feb 2023


Katy Area Katy Area EDC serves and works closely with regional public institutions, corporations, private groups, and our investor network to champion the economic growth of the Greater Katy Area marketplace. It receives support in the form of annual investments by member communities and businesses, Katy Area EDC achieves its mission as a 501c6 of attracting and growing high-impact employers that add and retain quality jobs in the area.

Danielle Wright, Membership Committee Chair at Katy Area EDC: “Being a member of Katy Area EDC has a lot of benefits!”

Danielle Wright, Membership Committee Chair at Katy Area EDC states that the Katy area is beginning to thrive, with an array of new businesses dropping anchor here. She says, “ Katy Area EDC is well-equipped to leverage the community’s business climate and opens up opportunities for its members on a regional, state, national, and international level. Click here to know more about membership with Katy Area EDC.