FM 1093, I-10 widening: 4 Katy-area transportation updates to know October 2019

FM 1093, I-10 widening: 4 Katy-area transportation updates to know October 2019 Main Photo

19 Oct 2019

By: Jen Para - Community Impact

Here are updates to four road projects in the Katy area.

Ongoing projects

Gaston Road widening

Crews have nearly finished widening Gaston Road into a four-lane divided concrete road between Greenbusch Road and Katy Flewellen Road, Fort Bend County assistant engineer Ike Akinwande said. In early October, crews were preparing to construct driveways at the Willow Lake Apartments and wiring a new traffic signal. Remaining work for the project includes concrete paving between Meadow Lane and Katy Flewellen, median backfill and building a retaining wall along sidewalks east of Greenbusch.

Timeline: July 2018-October 2019
Cost: $6.8 million
Funding source: Fort Bend County

FM 1093 widening

Crews continue work on widening FM 1093 into a four-lane road with a median between Texas Heritage Parkway and James Lane, said Trent Kubena, a general supervisor with the Texas Department of Transportation. Eastbound lanes are complete and open to traffic, while crews pour new concrete and work on underground drainage systems on the westbound lanes. A traffic switch occurred Sept. 23, shifting drivers from two westbound lanes onto new concrete before the existing FM 359 and FM 1093 intersection.

Timeline: December 2018-March 2020
Cost: $19.8M
Funding sources: TxDOT, Fort Bend County, Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority, Fort Bend County Assistance District No. 1

Peek Road widening

Work is progressing on the first phase of widening Peek Road into a four-lane concrete boulevard, Harris County engineer Jennifer Almonte said. Between 600 feet north of Clay Road and 300 feet north of Grand Ventana Drive, crews are setting concrete on northbound lanes. When those lanes are complete, traffic will switch and temporary asphalt will be removed before crews begin construction on southbound lanes. Clearing for utility relocation on the second phase between 300 feet north of Grand Ventana and north of Stockdick School Road is complete, but road construction has not begun.

Timeline: Phase 1: April-fourth quarter; Phase 2: TBD
Cost: $5.5 million-$6.5 million
Funding source: Harris County

Future projects

Widening I-10

TxDOT received funding to widen I-10 between Mason Road in Katy and FM 359 in Brookshire to have four general purpose lanes and a diamond lane—which is similar to a high-occupancy vehicle lane—in both traffic directors for a total of 10 lanes, said Patrick Gant, a schematic design supervisor for TXDOT Houston District. This existing portion of I-10 has two to four lanes in each direction. Additionally, the project will include reconstructing the intersections at Pin Oak, Woods, Pederson and Igloo roads into a more urban and efficient design in which I-10 goes over the crossroads.

Timeline: 2023-2027
Cost: $420 Million
Funding source: TxDOT

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