4 ongoing and upcoming transportation updates to know in the Katy area

Monday, February 25, 2019

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By: Jen Para - Community Impact

Road improvements on eight roads

Crews recently broke ground on repair work on eight asphalt roads showing wear and tear, said Eric Heppen, a project manager for Harris County Precinct 3. All of Baker Road will be repaired. Groeschke Road will be repaired in three segments, from Dulaney Road to Barker Cypress Road, from Barker Cypress to just east of 1800 Groeschke Road, and from about 17551 Groeschke Road to west of 17130 Groeschke Road. Dulaney will be repaired from Morton Road to Groeschke Road, and Ashley Road will have repairs from Greenhouse Road to Dulaney Road. The Saums Road intersection at Greenhouse Road is also being repaired, while about 3,000 feet of Pine Forest Lane between Clay Road and Hwy. 6 will be worked on. Old Greenhouse Road from Greenhouse to just east of Greenhouse will be repaired along with Clay Road from Barker Cypress Road to Deerfield Village Drive.

Timeline: fourth quarter 2018-second quarter 2019
Cost: $3.1 million
Funding source: Harris County

Crossover Road widening

Crossover Road from FM 1463 and Spring Green Boulevard is expected to reopen in February or March, Fort Bend County engineer Stacy Slawinski said. The road was closed in 2018 to widen it from a two-lane asphalt roadway to a four-lane concrete boulevard with a median.

Timeline: July 2018-March 2019
Cost: $3.1 million
Funding source: Fort Bend County

Katy Flewellen Road widening

Road construction will not begin until mid-2019 on Katy Flewellen Road between Gaston Road and Spring Green Boulevard to widen it from a two-lane asphalt roadway to a four-lane concrete boulevard with a median. Crews have begun removing trees and fences along the right of way and will soon move utilities, Slawinski said. Road construction will take about nine months to complete. Two lanes of traffic in both directions will be open during construction.

Timeline: mid-2019-second quarter 2020
Cost: $7.5 million
Funding source: Fort Bend County

Peek Road widening

Construction is expected to begin in April on Peek Road, Heppen said. The two-lane asphalt roadway will be transformed into a four-lane concrete boulevard between Clay and Stockdick School roads. The project will take between six and eight months to complete.

Timeline: April 2019-fourth quarter 2019
Cost: $5.5 million-$6.5 million
Funding source: Harris County

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