Compassion in Action: The Ballard House's Journey of Care and Support

Compassion in Action: The Ballard House's Journey of Care and Support Main Photo

3 Jan 2024

In the heart of Katy, Texas, lies a haven of hope and support for those facing life-threatening illnesses and their caregivers. Born from a visionary challenge, Cinco Charities became a beacon of comfort for needy families. Mr. David Brown, the Executive Director of Cinco Charities, The Ballard House, delves deeper into the inspiring journey and its impact on the community. “Cinco Charities, Inc. was born to provide temporary housing for patients and their caregivers coming to the Katy/West Houston area medical facilities to treat life-threatening illnesses,” Brown says.

The Birth and Evolution of a Dream

In Katy, Cinco Charities emerged from a call to action within Keller Williams Premier Realty. The aim was to create a haven for patients and caregivers traveling for medical treatments. Mr. Brown shared, "Our goal was to build a hospital hospitality house, free of charge, open to patients of any age. In 2011, Erin Ballard, a cancer patient herself, heard about Cinco Charities from her oncologist, Dr. Sunil Patel, at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Katy and was inspired to donate the use of one of her rental properties to Cinco Charities to expand their outreach. That home became known as Erin’s House. Erin’s House was loved by all of the families who found it to be their “home away from home” during their loved ones' treatment.”

“In December 2013, a huge crowd of supporters celebrated the grand opening of The Ballard House, which boasts 20,000 square feet of livable space and is located on three acres in the heart of Katy. A few days later, our first five families moved in. And they keep arriving from other countries, all over the US and the four corners of Texas. The Ballard House has experienced generous support from our community in many ways, and we are so thankful for each of you. We have the best volunteers in the world who show up daily with open hearts and big smiles to welcome everyone who enters our doors with a happy greeting, “Welcome to The Ballard House.”

The birth of Erin's House and The Ballard House marked significant milestones, fueled by the community's generosity and commitment.

Stories of Transformation

The Ballard House has provided over 89,000 nights of housing, each night encapsulating stories of profound impact. Mr. Brown shared a poignant letter from guest Harry Skeele, a testament to the heartfelt support guests receive. The personal touch, care, and compassion demonstrated by the staff and volunteers have transformed the lives of families facing daunting challenges.

The Power of Community Involvement

Central to their success is the unwavering support from the Katy community. "The Katy Community is imperative to our operations, blessing us daily," Mr. Brown emphasized. From nightly dinners served by local groups to the consistent influx of volunteers, the community's involvement sustains The Ballard House.

How You Can Contribute

Mr. Brown outlined several ways individuals or groups can support Cinco Charities - The Ballard House:

Monetary Donations: Every contribution counts toward their noble cause.
Amazon Wishlist: Fulfill specific needs by browsing their wishlist.
Naming Rights Sponsorships: Partner and leave a legacy through sponsorships.
Qualified Charitable Distributions (IRA): Explore tax-efficient ways to contribute.
Donor-Advised Funds: Facilitate charitable giving through funds.
Appreciated Stock Gift: Contribute assets to support their mission.
Leaving a Legacy: Consider legacy gifts to ensure the longevity of their initiatives.

In closing, Mr. Brown expressed gratitude: "We are immensely thankful for the 
unwavering support, volunteers, and donors who make our mission a reality. Join us in making a lasting difference in the lives of those in need."

Cinco Charities: The Ballard House is a testament to the transformative power of community, compassion, and commitment. In Katy, Texas, this team continues to be a beacon of hope, offering solace to those navigating challenging times.