Westpark Tollway extension design nears completion

Westpark Tollway extension design nears completion Main Photo

6 Mar 2023

By: Asia Armour - Community Impact Katy

The Westpark Tollway, a major east-west thoroughfare in the Fulshear and southwest Katy area that leads into FM 1093, is being extended from FM 723 to the Texas Heritage Parkway. This work is being completed by the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority.

Texas Heritage Parkway—a 6.4-mile, four-lane roadway spanning from I-10 to just south of FM 1093—runs alongside various developments, such as Cross Creek Ranch and Tamarron. FM 723 runs north and south and crosses Westpark Tollway near Westheimer Lakes.

Phillip Smith, engineer with the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority’s contracted company Mike Stone Associates, said the project is in the design phase with plans for completion in the summer.

Designing the extension will cost $7 million, Smith said. A project cost estimate and construction timeline have not been made yet.

Fulshear Assistant City Manager Zach Goodlander said most development in the Fulshear area is happening north of FM 1093, which directly connects to Westpark Tollway. He said this makes the extension a key component to the area’s mobility in the coming years.

“A great percentage of our residents do commute to work into Houston, so the Tollway will provide better mobility for them to and from work,” Goodlander said. “As the Tollway authority moves into design, it will be very important that the community’s interests are considered, from the schematics of the design to the aesthetics.”

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