Upcoming Greenbusch Road project to improve mobility, give ‘old, old road’ an upgrade

Upcoming Greenbusch Road project to improve mobility, give ‘old, old road’ an upgrade Main Photo

2 Jun 2021

By: Morgan Theophil - Community Impact

An upcoming project to repair and widen Greenbusch Road will improve mobility and provide a much-needed facelift to one of the oldest roads in Fort Bend County, according to county officials.

The upcoming project, which aims to improve mobility in the area, will construct a four-lane concrete road on Greenbusch between Gaston Road and Westheimer Parkway as well as a new bridge over Buffalo Bayou. The road currently is two lanes wide and has ditches on both sides.

Increasing the width of the road from two lanes to four lanes will help improve mobility and decrease congestion in the area, according to Fort Bend County officials.

Additionally, because Greenbusch Road is one of Fort Bend County’s older roads, residents are looking forward to the upgrade, said Robert Pechukas, manager of policy and administration with Fort Bend County Precinct 3.

“Greenbusch is one of the old, old roads there, in that part of the county,” Pechukas said. “Residents are ready for it.”

Fort Bend County plans to advertise for the project in May, Pechukas said, and officials expect construction on the road to begin this summer. The Greenbusch Road widening project is expected to take approximately one year to complete.

The project has a price tag of $8 million, which will be paid for with Fort Bend County mobility bond funds.

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