See how Harris County’s population has changed in the past 5 years

See how Harris County’s population has changed in the past 5 years Main Photo

10 Dec 2020

By: Danica Lloyd - Community Impact

From 2014-19, Harris County’s population grew by 8.8%—slightly more than the state’s overall 8.3% growth in population, according to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Dec. 10.

The average Harris County resident is slightly younger and more educated than the average Texas resident with a median age of 33.5 and 31.5% of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The state’s median age is 34.6, and 29.9% of residents have earned a bachelor’s degree of higher.

Texas exceeded the county, however, in its increase in the median household income in the time frame of 2014-19 with 17.1%, compared to 14.6% in Harris County

The largest employment sectors in Harris County as of 2019 are office and administrative support, sales and related occupations, management, construction and extraction occupations, and food preparation and serving-related occupations.

When it comes to demographics, Hispanic and Latino residents make up the largest portion of Harris County at nearly 43%, followed by white residents, who make up 29.6% of the population. All of these demographic populations either stayed the same or grew in Harris County over the last five years except the white population, which decreased from 32.1% in 2014.

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