Katy Area EDC supports legislation to address disaster preparedness and flood mitigation

Katy Area EDC supports legislation to address disaster preparedness and flood mitigation Main Photo

8 Mar 2019

March 7, 2019 (Katy, TX) - Katy Area Economic Development Council supports Texas Senate Bills, 7, 6 and 8 to address disaster preparedness and flooding mitigation in the State of Texas, specifically the Houston region.

In recent years, the Katy area has been adversely impacted during multiple flooding events. The flooding has negatively impacted businesses and homes. Specifically, the Katy area lies within the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs. Both reservoirs experienced major flooding during Harvey causing large-scale flooding and damage to the Katy area.

Moving forward, without further action to improve disaster preparedness and mitigate flooding, the area will continue to experience flooding impacting its businesses and residents. Continued occurrence of flooding will not only have massive impacts on business and personal property, but it has the potential to slow economic growth for the entire region.

As part of Houston Stronger, a coalition of civic groups, business associations and active citizens from throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region, Katy Area EDC strongly backs the aforementioned legislation to reduce disaster and flooding risks posed to our communities. 

For further information, please see the release below from Houston Stronger.


Legislation Filed to Address Critical Flood Recovery and Strengthen Texas’ Storm Resiliency

HOUSTON (March 6, 2019) – Houston Stronger supports Senate Bill 7 as part of suite of bills that will significantly help the state’s communities become more resilient after flood events. Senators Brandon Creighton, Lois Kolkhorst and Charles Perry introduced Senate Bills, 7, 6 and 8 respectively to address disaster preparedness and flood planning to making significant investment in recovery and future mitigation.

Houston Stronger joins organizations across Texas to support Senate Bills 6, 7 and 8. These bills provide separate but complementary pieces of legislation that will build a more resilient Texas.  

“Houston Stronger thanks Lt. Governor Patrick and Senators Creighton, Kolkhorst and Perry for their leadership and legislative efforts.  Their work shows a commitment to addressing flood mitigation and disaster recovery needs statewide,” said Auggie Campbell, spokesperson for Houston Stronger. “Senate Bill 7 will help leverage billions of federal recovery dollars for Texas and help our communities plan and fund flood mitigation infrastructure across the state.”

Senate Bill 6 will strengthen emergency response training and programs so disaster planning and response are more effective both at the state and local levels.  Senate Bill 8 will create a long-term planning process for flood control. 

Communities across Texas are vulnerable to flooding. Texas leads the nation in declared major disasters and square miles of flood-prone land. Hurricane Harvey alone inflicted an estimated $125 billion in damage and caused 82 deaths.  Since 2015, Texas has had nine declared disasters related to flooding and 65% of Texas Counties have experienced flooding.

Houston Stronger looks forward to working with these leaders as well as other lawmakers and officials in order to develop a comprehensive solution to build a more resilient Texas for the future.

About Houston Stronger: Houston Stronger is a coalition of civic groups, business associations and active citizens throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region dedicated to working with local, state and federal officials to implement a comprehensive regional flood control plan that safeguards our citizens and property.