Zoombang Outperforms All Top Impact Sportsware Companies

Zoombang Outperforms All Top Impact Sportsware Companies Main Photo

25 Feb 2019

KATY, TX, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Zoombang Outperforms All Top Impact Sportswear Companies

Zoombang crushes competition in a third-party test against top global competitors as the best product for athletes in contact sports

Katy, Texas- Zoombang protective sports gear outperforms all the competition - not just a catchy slogan, but a third-party tested fact. 

Zoombang announced today third-party test results of protective wear outperforming globally recognized sports gear providers McDavid, Under Armour, and Nike reducing impact blows 40 to 45 percent better than the competition. Our thickening polymers absorb and distribute impact blows better than the competition: 43 percent better than McDavid, 40 percent better than Under Armour, and 45 percent better than Nike. 

For over a decade, Zoombang's patented polymers have been protecting professional and amateur athletes in all contact sports across the country as an underlying padded shirt and/or padded tights. Zoombang's polymers react to direct contact in any sport with gels that redistribute the stress of a hit reducing the force of an impact and subsequently lowering possibility of injury while keeping every athlete fresh for the next play. 

Zoombang technology is a complex combination of material engineering and incapsulating methods that result in the perfect pad for each application. 

Zoombang Senior Vice President William Thomson gives a quick breakdown of the science, "What sets Zoombang apart is what occurs on the molecular level unlike any other product. Our polymer is not cured which means the molecules are free flowing like a liquid but when energy is applied those molecules respond proportionally equal to the amount of that energy and lock up behaving as a solid therefore energy is absorbed in two modalities by virtue of a molecular change as well as a function of traditional padding material."

Zoombang is currently used by professional athletes in all sports as well as in police and military gear in countries around the world. 

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