For many years, utility systems in the Katy area have provided energy and vitality to residents and businesses. That same spirit continues today with many area utilities receiving acclaim and awards for their efficient and effective operations.

Water and Wastewater

The City of Katy has received awards for many years for its acclaim as a Superior Water System in the State of Texas. The City of Katy has ample capacity to meet water and wastewater needs of commercial and light industrial users. Areas located outside city limits are served by Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) which are public boards appointed to operate and manage public infrastructure for major development areas such as master-planned communities. Fire protection is provided for businesses by overhead and ground storage tanks. Water service rates range from approximately $1.80 per 1,000 gallons to $3.00 per 1,000 gallons. Wastewater rates are similar in cost.


CenterPoint Energy, a strong partner in economic development and the local distribution company, provides electricity services to the Katy area. Deregulation is in effect in Texas and typical capacity available is 35 kV (35,000 volts), although some sites have access to 138 kV (138,000 volts). With some basic information, Katy Area EDC staff can provide industrial and commercial rates from retail providers.

Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy also provides natural gas services to the Katy area. CenterPoint Energy's Transportation Services offers qualifying end-use commercial and industrial customers a choice in their natural gas supply. Si Energy also provides gas service in the Katy area as well. By providing customers access to competitive natural gas suppliers, CenterPoint Energy enables customers to maximize the value of their natural gas consumption, and transportation services suppliers ship natural gas to qualified customers in the Houston area. For rate, tariff and other information, visit CenterPoint Energy’s "Transportation" section. Typical gas line size and pressure in or near  business parks is two to four inches with 50 to 60 psi (high pressure). View CenterPoint Energy's Website here.


Katy offers access to a dynamic broadband telecommunications backbone from facilities based government regulated carriers such as Consolidated CommunicationsAT&T and Xfinity. Services available include Broadband phone; Carrier Ethernet – point-to-point or multi point; Metro Ethernet; Internet Bandwidth with redundant connections up to 1G; DS1 to DS3 – SONET-protected; Colocation; Dark Fiber; T1/DS1; and OC3/OC12 PRI (Primary Rate Interface); Data Center. All major wireless phone companies provide service in the Katy area. 

Solid Waste

Residential / Commercial service is provided by private companies such as Republic. Curbside recycling of newspaper, magazines, aluminum, plastic and cardboard is available at public schools. Curbside recycling is provided in some Katy neighborhoods and master-planned communities.