Associate Member Spotlight: Empowering Katy's Businesses: EnerConnex's Role in Local Growth and Sustainability

Associate Member Spotlight: Empowering Katy's Businesses: EnerConnex's Role in Local Growth and Sustainability Main Photo

9 Aug 2023

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In the heart of Texas, where the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives, and communities are built on collaboration, Katy Area Economic Development Council (Katy Area EDC) stands as a beacon of progress. At the crossroads of economic vitality and community welfare lies EnerConnex, an esteemed Katy Area EDC Associate Member, dedicated to reshaping the energy landscape while aligning with the region's development goals.

As the Regional Sales Manager of EnerConnex, Kevin Drury, a Houston native and Sam Houston State University product, embodies the commitment to give back to the community that raised him.”I have been in the energy industry since 2005 and am confident that the services I offer through EnerConnex can better the lives of those in organizations in the area. With my industry knowledge and expertise, dedication to building strong relationships, and attention to detail, I’ve helped numerous businesses within the Katy area expand and save on their energy costs,” says Drury.  

Solutions to suit the unique requirements of every enterprise

At the core of EnerConnex's approach lies a fusion of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. The company specializes in guiding businesses through the complexities of power and natural gas management, energy risk mitigation, and carbon footprint reduction. The alignment of EnerConnex's services with Katy's economic goals is a testament to their commitment to community prosperity.

Kevin's adeptness at building relationships forms the foundation of successful partnerships with local businesses. Drury says, “My portfolio is well-versed in various industries, so my experience over the years is valuable to those in the Katy area. Ace Hardware, Chick-fil-a, several non-profits, restaurants, manufacturing, healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and religious organizations. We are here to help them expand and grow their business. EnerConnex is a national company licensed in all deregulated states, so we can also cater to those who own businesses in more than one location, across multiple utilities if needed.”

EnerConnex's reach extends beyond state lines. As a national entity licensed across deregulated states, they cater to businesses with multi-location operations and utility needs. This expansive approach enables local businesses to think beyond regional boundaries and dream of a larger canvas.

Projects in Katy undertaken by EnerConnex are about energy optimization and holistic growth. These projects are strategically managed to ensure seamless integration with ongoing business operations. Kevin Drury's emphasis on effective communication and attentive listening plays a pivotal role here. By understanding each client's goals and unique needs, he tailors EnerConnex's services to align seamlessly. 

A seasoned navigator of ERCOT Markets

Navigating the dynamic energy markets, especially in regions like Texas, requires a deep understanding of its intricacies. Kevin's experience has made him a seasoned navigator through the volatility of ERCOT markets. The ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) market is a unique and deregulated electricity market that serves most of Texas. He shares this expertise generously, helping others ride the waves of potential disruptions with poise. Drury says, “I communicate thoroughly yet effectively with all of my customers and clients, listen to their goals, and then tailor our services to fit their unique needs. I also have lived through the ups and downs of the ERCOT markets and know how to help others ride the wave of potential disruptions at ease. Understanding that everyone has a busy schedule, I always make myself available to serve and assist my customer base.”

The partnership between EnerConnex and Katy Area EDC isn't just business networking; it is about shared values.  Both entities stand as pillars of community empowerment. EnerConnex's dedication to reshaping energy paradigms complements Katy's aspirations for sustainable growth and economic resilience.

The Katy Area Economic Development Council (Katy Area EDC) is a dynamic organization leading the effort to grow the area’s business environment and setting the pace for the hundreds of companies that call the Greater Katy Area home. Please contact us today to discover “Why Katy?”