Leadership Institute

The Leadership Committee is a committee of the Katy Area Economic Development Council.  As part of the Katy Area Strategic Plan, Katy Area 2021, the committee was tasked with developing and starting a leadership institute with the goal of establishing a pipeline of leaders for the Katy Area.  Work has been in  process for the past few years and now the Leadership Institute is set to start up with the first class on February 28, 2020.  Below please find the members of the Leadership Committee members and press the Leadership Instutute overview button for more information and forms for nomination and sponsorship.  Also below are white papers from Leadership Vision events conducted by the committee during past years.  

Leadership Committee

Chair: Stan Goss

  • Butch Herod
  • Thom Polvogt
  • Heath Rushing
  • Zach Hodges
  • Carla DeCuir
  • Elizabeth Pratt
  • Ray Layo
  • Vidal Ramirez
  • Dick Phillips
  • Carmen Carter

Leadership Institute Overview

Katy Area Leadership Institute Application