Katy Area Business Opportunity Center

Overview and Purpose

Through its Diversity Committee, Katy Area EDC is supporting area businesses by providing connection to procurement resources and opportunities in the private and public sectors. One of the primary objectives of the Diversity Committee is to assist Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) by facilitating the path to becoming HUB certified while increasing the number of companies that are HUB Certified in the area.

Procurement Organizations and Websites

Click here for a list of procurement organizations and purchasing-entity vendors.

Local and Other Opportunities

In an effort to promote procurement opportunities for businesses in the area who qualify, the Katy Area EDC will begin to include a list of available opportunities that may be of interest to your business. Please note that the Katy Area EDC does not directly solicit proposals or bids for products or services.

The opportunities below reflect a list of procurement opportunities for which the Katy EDC has been notified or has researched. If you would like to add any procurement opportunities offered at your organization, please submit your request to info@katyedc.org.