The Katy Brand

flameThe Katy area is a place defined by lots of energy: It's in the schools; It's in the families; It’s in the businesses. The story of the Katy area's heritage is defined by history. It's in the attitude of Katy, young and old.

The unique qualities and abundant energy of the area led the Katy Area Economic Development Council to search for a way to convey this energetic identity through a community-branding project.  This project consisted of qualitative and quantitative research that incorporated people within and just outside of the Katy area. The research pinpointed multiple examples of how energy grows in Katy, from its heritage of agricultural-based and petroleum-based industry in the City of Katy, to the thousands of Energy Corridor-employees that call Katy home, to the entrepreneurial startups that have quickly risen to be national players in energy industry niches.

The research results guided the team to develop a distinctive brand platform that built outgoing marketing, which in turn tells the Katy story. A logo along with the theme-line, "Energy Grows Here," proudly tells this story.

The logo was designed to create a point of distinction that can be used by anyone and placed anywhere to provide a graphical point that shows this is the place where energy grows. The icon is intended to symbolize a leaf, a drop, a symbol of the energy industry and a point of location. The base colors, yellow and red, are used to portray energy, strength and opportunity.  The stylized "K" represents the "K" in Katy. This "K" also symbolizes growth - as in the veins of a growing leaf.  The “Energy Grows Here” slogan and logo is seen throughout the Katy area. Whether it be at Katy ISD or local businesses, you are sure to see and hear about the Katy brand.  The Katy Area EDC continues to work with community members to further integrate the brand and convey the vibrant, energetic lifestyle that can be found in the Katy area.