Katy Area Districts Council

Katy Area Districts Council


Municipal Utility Districts, Emergency Services Districts and other Special Purpose Districts play an essential role in the continued growth and development of the Katy area. The Districts Council provides a forum for Board Members of Districts to share ideas and develop cooperative plans that focus their energy, experience and resources on shared challenges and opportunities.

Our Mission

  • Promote water conservation and education programs in the Katy area
  • Expand educational opportunities for Districts in the Katy area and leverage existing AWBD programs
  • Enhance quality of life and economic development opportunities for Katy area Districts
  • Promote cooperation and communication among and between Districts
  • Participate and provide guidance to the Katy Area EDC Board of Governors


Governance is provided by the Districts Council Executive Committee which is comprised of Districts who are members of the Katy Area EDC. Rich Patrick of Cinco SW Mud #3 is the current chairman. Rick Lawler is the immediate past chair.

  • Addicks Utility District
  • Cimarron MUD
  • Cinco SW MUD #3
  • Cornerstones MUD
  • Fort Bend County ESD #1
  • Fort Bend MUD #58
  • Fort Bend MUD #124
  • Fort bend MUD  163
  • Fry Road MUD
  • Harris County ESD #48
  • Harris-Fort Bend MUD #3
  • Harris County MUD 64
  • Interstate MUD
  • Ricewood MUD

Other organizations supporting the Districts Council include Caldwell, Inframark, TNG Utility Corporation and Si Environmental.


What funds the Districts Council?

  • Katy Area Economic Development Council


The Executive Committee meets in the Katy Area EDC boardroom each month from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. with a light dinner provided

The organization generally schedules free educational program(s) for board members of all MUDs, ESDs, and other Special Districts in the Katy area. 

  • Location varies 
  • Who should attend? Board Members of MUDs, ESDs, and other Special Districts located in the Greater West Houston and Katy area.