Powered by one of the most acclaimed school districts in the state of Texas, Katy’s growth is fueled by an abundant and talented population which is growing five to six percent annually. In a recent survey of 400 Katy residents, 98% said they would recommend Katy as a place to live. In 2014 Cinco Ranch, which is located in the Katy Area, was ranked the top place (#1) in the United States for livability.   The Katy Area was rated No. 1 in the United States for growth in 2010 by the Gadberry Group, a site selection consulting firm.

Over 305,000 people reside in Katy and are drawn here by the Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD), which now has about 70,000  students. Katy’s past growth between the years 2000 and 2010 increased by 83%. This phenomenal growth is projected to continue, fueled by Katy ISD, energy companies and corporations, businesses and entrepreneurs. By the year 2019, projections show that over 343,000 people will reside in Katy.   550,000 persons are expected to reside in the Katy Area by the year 2035.  

Employment in the Katy Area continues to grow at similar pace.  The civilian employed population is 140,543 persons (2014) with growth projected to be over 173,559 persons by the year 2019 (21.8 % increase).  The Katy Area has a low unemployment rate at 4.8% (7,206 persons). 

The demographics of the Katy Area are grounded in a strong income base with exceptional educational attainment. The average household income of $113,212 (2014) in the Katy Area is projected to increase to $130,212 by the year 2019. This strong income base translates into strong educational attainment above the national average, with over 41% of the population having bachelor’s or graduate degrees.

Katy Area Demographics Facts and Figures

  • Total Housing Units (2014): 100,518
  • Population Density (Pop./Sq. Mi., 2014):  1,725 
  • Median Age (2014):   34.2
  • Median Household Income (2014):  $85,550
  • Per Capita Income (2014):  $37,166
  • Population by Race, Black (2014):  24,814 (8.6%)
  • Population by Race, Asian (2014):  31,823 (10.5%)
  • Population by Race, Hispanic Ethnicity (2014):  83,542 (28%) 
  • The Katy Area has accounted for 20% of the Houston’s residential plat submittals in recent years.
  • In 2013, 1,957 homes were sold in the Katy area in the Master Planned Communities of Cinco Ranch, Firethorne, Woodcreek Reserve, Cross Creek and Bridgelands.
Population & Demographics of the Katy Area (Katy ISD)
 Year  Population
 1990  81,559
 2000  139,998
 2010  256,984
 2011  269,823
 2012  283,026
 2013  305,800

 2018 Projection

 2019 Projection 343,923
 Change 1990-2000  70.7%
 Change 2000-2010  83.5%
 Change 1990-2010  171.4%
 Change 2013-2018  16.3%
 Change 2014-2019 15.4%
 Source: Alteryx and U.S. Census Bureau, 2014


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