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  • As The Roads Get More Crowded, A Study Looks At New Transportation Options For The Houston Region

    February 5, 2018
    By: Gail Delaughter - Houston Public Media

    So what exactly is high-capacity transit? Speaking before Metro’s Board of Directors, H-GAC’s Alan Clark said it could be something like a rail line corridor or designated bus lanes.

    “These are backbone services intended to move a large number of people to key destination areas in a very timely, reliable way,” said Clark.

    To figure out how to better connect communities in the region as the population continues to grow, H-GAC has launched its High-Capacity Transit Task Force. Clark said finding new transportation options is vital to the area’s well-being.

    “Continuing to do business the way we always have, to rely on only being able to travel in your own personal vehicle for 90% or all of your daily travel, is not going to be a realistic option for many who want to live here,” added Clark. 

    As part of its study, the task force will gather public input. Clark said they also have to figure out how to pay those projects.

    “There are sometimes opportunities to work in a public-private partnership or to be able to leverage funds with federal and state investment as we’re building other facilities,” explained Clark.

    The task force expects to release a final report this summer.

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