Strategic Plan

Katy Area 2015

With the success Katy area 2010 and 2015, Katy area EDC leaders began the process of creating a strategic plan spanning through 2020. The following includes some excerpts from the current strategic plan.

In recent decades, the Katy area has emerged as one of Greater Houston’s prime suburban areas based on its excellent school district, award-winning residential neighborhoods, and access to major employers along the Energy Corridor. The Katy area is now positioned on the edge of a wave of growth radiating from Greater Houston. It is critical that the Katy area invests in innovative planning, policy and infrastructure to not only manage growth but also capture the highest quality employers and talent. With the enthusiasm and commitment of dedicated leadership to the actions outlined in this plan, the Katy area will meet its potential.

The goals of this vision address the three pillars of economic vitality: Talent, industry, and place: 

  • Develop, retain, and attract talent
  • Diversify the tax base through industry attraction and business development
  • Promote and enhance quality of place


The Katy area will be the western cornerstone of Greater Houston, providing opportunities for excellence in business, education, healthcare, recreation and living.


The mission of the Katy Area Economic Development Council is to establish the Katy area as the premier location for families and businesses through planned economic growth and development.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles establish the framework within which the Katy area will pursue its vision and mission. The principles listed below will guide the activities of the Katy Area Economic Development Council:
  • Be proactively involved in economic diversification and development of existing businesses
  • Promote environmentally sound, quality economic development
  • Promote site and building locations in its service area, primarily; and, promote site and building locations near and outside its service area, secondarily
  • Promote family values, a family atmosphere, and a high quality of life
  • Promote the construction and maintenance of adequate infrastructure
  • Partner with other organizations to develop and maintain talent and a well-trained, available workforce
  • Be committed to advocating ad promoting excellence in public education
  • Work closely in cooperation and partnership with the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Katy and other municipalities, local economic development organizations, Fort Bend County, Harris County, Waller County, and other economic development allies


Goal: Develop, retain, and attract talent


  • Talent 1: Continue educational excellence at the Katy Independent School District
  • Talent 2: Expand higher education opportunities in the Katy area
  • Talent 3: Streamline the Katy area’s PreK-16 education pipeline
  • Talent 4: Strengthen the Katy area’s leadership base


Goal: Diversify the tax base through industry attraction and business development


  • Industry 1: Initiate a marketing and image campaign for the Katy area
  • Industry 2: Continue to ensure adequate sites and infrastructure for business and industrial development
  • Industry 3: Continue to support the startup, retention, and expansion of businesses in the Katy area

Target Industries Identified For The Katy Area:

  • Energy Services
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate Training
  • Data Centers
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Advanced Materials
  • Recreation and Leisure Services


Goal: Promote and enhance quality of place


  • Place 1: Support and promote the Katy brand
  • Place 2: Commit to high quality development across the Katy area

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